About Me And Website


In the beginning we would like to thank all the visitors to our website who have supported our endeavor for the last eight years. Our esteemed visitors will be delighted to know that from now onwards they will be able to get answers to all of their questions on diet and health from the famous and well known American dietician Ellie Jackon. She has written many articles on health and wellness which have been published in reputed magazines. The articles are appreciated by commoners as well as health experts.

At this juncture we would like to share with you our gratitude to the renowned chef and co-owner of the restaurant chain, Range, Volt, Lunchbox, Family Meal and AGGIO, Mr. Brian Voltaggio. The awarding winning chef has rendered great service to the people by providing diet foods in his famous restaurants. Many health enthusiasts, muscle builders and dieticians are immensely benefitted by his endeavor.

He also maintained a gym equipped with latest body building accessories. Lots of people were benefitted from the modern gym along with healthy diets of his restaurant and expert health advises from Mr. Brian Voltaggio.

Corporate events, private parties, wedding & reception and holiday celebrations used to be organized in a masterly manner impressing each participant by its perfections, delicacies and healthy diets.

We feel restrained to let you know that due to some compulsive reasons Mr. Brian Voltaggio had to close the restaurant as well as the gym. However he wished the website to continue with his mission of improving the standard of health of American people.

During saying good bye he thought it fit to hand over the web site to the famous and well renowned dietician and article writer on health and wellness, Ms Ellie Jackon.

You will continue to get her valuable advices and health related instructions online at this web site.

The social media is full with dietary advices. Often we come across contradictory statements. For example on the one hand it is said that in order to get the fullest benefit of the food, you have to enjoy its taste. On the other hand healthy eating habit has become the slogan of the day. Now what is to be done to make both these ends meet? I mean how to get tasty yet healthy foods.

Americans have a tendency to become obese. Blame is squarely put on the junk foods. But the teenagers can hardly do without fast foods and high calorie drinks as well as alcohols. How is it possible to enjoy holidays, go for partying and dine while dating without being liberal with food?

These and many other puzzles continue to peep into our mind day in and day out. Questions come and remain unresolved after reading articles on health and diets. But you find no way to get the answers.

But now you get the opportunity of asking online and chat with Ellie in this web site.

So hurry up, get ready for asking all your queries on health and wellness here.

Enjoy life and still remain healthy American.