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Sex is a wonderful thing. Satisfying sex is bliss.

Come along my passionate lover; let us know the nooks and corners of sexual intercourse. The intercourse is the grand finale of the one act intimate play which ideally should start with the feeling, “something of calamity is going to happen tonight!”

Is there anybody who does not want to show their best in this grand finale?

But in the practical stages of life, many times, couples fail miserably in the final acts. The act which starts enthusiastically with high expectations plunges into dismay. If not backed by proper knowledge about sex, it may lower the self confidence and motivation.

Right sex is a coordinated and continuous journey which goes on refining itself. The more you sex in a refined way, the more and more satisfying orgasms you enjoy. It again motivates you for further wishful journey to the unknowns.

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The Mysteries Of The Female Body

 The mysteries hidden in the female body remains unknown even to her till she meets her passionate and understanding lover. It is the adventurous male who has to explore the sweet mysteries by treading into her unknown areas. The female body is full of never ending surprises. But it is able to blossom with beautiful flushes only with the soft and delicate loving touches of the male.

The Mother Nature has created the female body in her own images. It has bestowed it with sources of all the intricate feelings and of extreme pleasures. But for its arousal, the key is given in the hands of the male. This is the scheme of the nature for the sake of procreation.

The great Indian sage Batsayana was the pioneer in unfolding the mysteries of the female body. His book “Kamasutra” is considered to be the epic in the field of sex education. He emphasized the importance of foreplay. The tongue plays great role in arousing the female sex. Kissing, sucking, tinkling the clitoris often bring in orgasms. The various postures which we see in the porno films are all the gifts of the great sage.

Have you ever seen the blossoming of the flower in the morning? How softly and delicately the tender first rays of the morning sun adore the bud patiently, when finally the flower reveals its beautiful petals.

The humans are superior in this world because they want to extract the maximum pleasure out of the nature. In sex life also they cannot stop simply at procreation. The male and the female together want to explore and enjoy the maximum pleasure in sex. Good sex makes humans powerful both physically and mentally. The satisfied sex partners are able to take responsibilities, accomplish challenging jobs, raise happy and creative family and above all bring happiness to the society they live in.

The Male Sex

 On attaining the age of puberty, the presence of powerful testosterone hormone in male drives them towards the female body. At this time the young male feels great attraction towards the female. The compulsive force is the trick of the nature by which it wants the male to sow the seeds for procreation. The male becomes impatient. Often in the hurry he destroys great possibilities, hurting and discouraging the female partner.

My advice to the males is just to remember the morning rays. Be patient and explore her beautiful body. Take your own time. Never ever do it in a hurry. Better postpone it for the next time. Prepare her, arouse her, make her wet. Further guidance will come from her. Don’t worry.

Do you know that she loves your muscular body, but the thing she loves the most is your powerful penis. Many sexy girls orgasms simply while fondling the penis and the balls or during kissing and sucking the penis. She would love orgasms during the foreplay. But she would want climax to reach during prolonged penetration. The girth of the penis gives her the feeling of fullness. It also stimulates the clitoris during each stroke. The clitoris is the centre of immense sexual pleasure in the female. Fully aroused female wets abundantly and the penetration becomes smooth and painless.

The length of the penis plays as a confidence factor to the males. This confidence is important for the intercourse. In sexual act both male and the female partners involve actively and participate. But male remains the active player. Responsibility falls on him squarely to lead the act to a resounding success. The female partner enjoys the fullest by letting him in. The male enjoys looking at her ecstasies. His orgasm is in his ejaculation.

Sex Is Fulfilling—sex Is Beneficial

 In order to survive, the humans have to perform so many activities, so to say economic, social, sports, amusements, raising family etc. But due to the hidden forces of nature’s law of procreation, sexual attraction plays a decisive role in each and every activity. In fact sexuality and regular sexual intercourse give you bountiful of energy and a superior feeling of fullness of life. So we conclude; sex is powerful, sex is beautiful, sex is fulfilling and sex is energetic. It benefits every faculty of your brain such as

  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Intellectual
  • Societal
  • Physical by enhancing secretion of hormones

Sex must be considered as the most important activity of your life.

Sex improves your physical health indexes

Sexual intercourse is the only exercise which people enjoy and never say no. By performing regular sex you get the following benefits:

  • Regulated blood-pressure
  • Empowering the heart
  • Enhanced libido
  • Calories burnt
  • Toning muscles
  • Good effects of massaging
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved functioning of heart

Sex Begets Sound Sleep

It is known to all that you get a good sleep after sexual intercourse. Now science has also found that two hormones named oxytocin and endorphin are released during orgasm. These hormones have a sedative effect which induces sound sleep after sex.

Many benefits of deep sleep are well discussed and doctors often prescribe light sedatives to patients for early recovery from diseases. Sleep enhances immunity of the body and rejuvenates the mind and the body. Restful feeling gives you energy to accomplish the day’s tasks with fullest efficiency.

Sex Enhances Immunity

Immunoglobulin A is a kind of antibody which plays as the first-line-of –defense of our body. Studies have found that more of this antibody is found in the saliva of persons who perform two to three sexual intercourses per week as compared to persons who perform lesser or no sexual intercourse.

Sex relieves migraine pain. Studies have found that the migraine vanishes during the sexual intercourse.

Prostate cancer is one debilitating disease among men. Regular penis to vagina intercourse lowers the risk of the cancer to a great extent. It enhances longevity. Frequent sex also increases the strength and fertility of sperm.

In the female body, orgasms have a profound effect on enhancing blood circulation. Some natural chemicals which are released during orgasm have pain killing functions. Other benefits of sexual intercourse for the women are:

  • Rectifies menstrual issues
  • Increases fertility
  • Massaging effect
  • Good control of bladder
  • Improves vaginal health due to good lubrication
  • Good muscles near pelvic area
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Reduces pain during penetration of penis

Sexual Intercourse Has Profound Effect On Psychological Wellbeing

In today’s highly competitive and mechanical ambience psychological wellness has become the main concern. Fortunately frequent sexual intercourse can relieve men and women from the grips of psychological malaises.

All mental issues arise due to loneliness. Loneliness is a kind of mental state. One can feel lonely even in the company of people. This happens due to mistrust, competition, lack of fruitful and trusting communication, lack of physical closeness, egocentricity and so on.

We should never forget that man is a social animal. A man exists till he exists socially.

In the present day unnatural environment sexual intercourse can give you a ray of hope. The intimate physical contact, the complete physical and mental submission, the sense of fulfillment and ecstasy, the immense pleasure during climax take you to some wonder land away from all the miseries and nuances of day to day vagaries.

The elderly people who perform regular sexual intercourse are free from dementia and depression.

Sexual Intercourse Saves You From Aging

Estrogen hormone is released during orgasms. This hormone keeps you younger.

It improves personality and social interaction

When you become romantic and engage in sexual intercourse the love hormone oxytocin is released. This hormone motivates you to make relationships. The opposite sex is also attracted towards persons having oxytocin hormones. In this way you become more of a social man. The social recognitions and interest of other persons towards you enhances confidence.

How To Improve Your Sexual Performance Naturally

Now we know that though participation of both partners is a must for enjoying and achieving climax and orgasms, the active role in the act of sexual intercourse has to be carried out by the male partner. The female partner submits and provides you with the playing field. She provides the ambience and other prerequisites for smooth penetration of the penis into the vagina. But the male partner has the responsibility to effect arousal by skillful playing of her various sex zones with the help of fingers and tongue. Some erotic conversations and postures also help in this endeavor. In the final act of sexual penetration of the penis too, the male partner has much more to do. He must maintain his erection for at least 8 to 10 minutes. He has to maintain the speed and depth of penetration according to the wish of his female partner.

While foreplay is important for arousal and wetting of the vagina, post play prolongs the satisfaction level of the female. Most male detaches himself after ejaculation. This behavior inculcates a feeling of insecurity in the minds of the female partner. The female loves to behold her partner for some more time with penis inside her, till she falls asleep in his lap.

Keeping above in mind the male has to take care to enquire about the means for enhancing his sexual performances.

In the online market you would get many male enhancement pills. But try to keep these as the last resort. There are many natural means by which you can safely increase your male power.

  1. Exercise To Improve Sex Performance

Resorting to sweating cardio exercises at least five days a week is good for sexuality. It enhances blood circulation. Penis is a sensitive organ which needs more bloods for its growth and strength. The minimum period of exercise should be 30 minutes. Penis with bigger length and girth is erotic for the female due to its rubbing with the clitoris. Exercise also brings a sense of well being which is important for the sexual performance.

  1. Proper Diet For Incresing Libido

Meat, egg and fish are fulfilling diets. These foods supply you with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Omega 3 fatty acids in fish increase your blood circulation. Sex is more of a psychological act. You can have erection simply by thinking erotically. Vitamin B 1 sharpens the signaling system. Your penis operates better by coordinating with signals from the brain. Other vitamins enhance the sex hormones.

You will get vitamins in foods like pork, fruits like avocado, grapes and peanuts.

Psychological Health Is Important For Satisfying Sex

 The erection and retention is directly controlled by your brain. It is important that you should be free from stress during sexual intercourse. Stress affects badly your sexual performance. Sexual intercourse demands complete devotion and fullest concentration. The two souls must leave aside everything and indulge in this blissful activity. You must educate and train your mind to stay away from bothering thoughts.

Discussing and sharing your troubles with your partner is a great way to drive away stress. Stay away from stress related habit formation like drugging and alcoholism. Addictions are detrimental to sexual enjoyment.

  1. Get Sufficient Exposure To Sun

The sun rays help in the body’s production of vitamin D. Also it reduces melatonin thereby increasing sexuality.

  1. Masturbation May Help

Controlled masturbation aiming to last longer may help you retain erection for a longer time. But the result may just be opposite if you hurry during masturbating. The duration of intercourse can also be increased in guided intercourse taking the help of the partner.

  1. Open And Coordinated Efforts Pay Good Results

Sexual intercourse is a human act when two souls and bodies truly tend to become one. It is important that both of you come out with all your pros and cons before mating. Let nothing comes between the two mating bodies during the intercourse. This is a classic example of working in unison, in complete harmony. Share and communicate your feelings and needs unhesitatingly. Use whispering, sign language, moaning and what not. As is so nicely said everything is fair in love and war. Disrobe your mind too while disrobing the body.

  1. If Required Seek Doctor’s Assistance

If you find some sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction, never hesitate to consult your doctor. Time is precious. Everything is curable nowadays. Take timely help and medication to enjoy sex life to the fullest.

Best Male Enhancement Pills To Boost Your Sex Drive

People use these pills to improve sexual performance. Now what do we mean by sexual performance? The indicators of male sexual performance are

  • Quick erection of penis
  • Hot, strong and hard erected penis
  • Long penis with more girth
  • Ability to retain erection throughout foreplay and intercourse
  • Ability to fulfill the desire of female partner for repeated orgasms
  • Ability to control ejaculation during sucking and fondling of the penis
  • Never say no to sex
  • Healthy sperm
  • Ability to do sexual intercourse two or three times a day in prime age


For centuries the human urge is to prolong the sexual pleasure. The onus of this falls on the male partner. It has been seen that any healthy female will be glad to have repeated orgasms. All females dream of prolonged sexual intercourse. Here ability to prolong erection before ejaculation comes as a barrier. The human search for herbs to attain this power has yielded many results. For centuries men have used such herbal medicine to increase their potency. The modern sexologists and medical fraternity have compiled all such primitive medicines from all over the world. After pain staking research, studies and clinical trials, they could come out with medicines which magically enhance male performance. Such medicines have come to be known as Male Enhancement Pills.

What Are The Ingredients Of Male Enhancement Pills

All the ingredients of the pills are natural. They are used by the aboriginals safely from time immemorial. The different powerful stimulating herbs have been blended scientifically to get the desired results. As these are not prescription chemical drugs, can be bought over the counter. Using these pills you are able to enjoy sexual intercourse safely and at minimal cost. With strong and hard erection, improved stamina and prolonged retention power you will be able to satisfy your partner with repeated orgasms.

What Are Expected From Popular Male Enhancement Pills

  • Rock like erection of penis
  • More volume of blood supply to the genitals
  • More drive for sex
  • Superb control on ejaculation
  • Increased intensity and satisfying feelings during orgasm
  • Increased volume of semen
  • Increase in girth and head-size of the penis
  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Healthy prostate and good flow of urine
  • Increased secretion of sex hormone

Review Of Four Top Male Enhancement Pills

We have carried out elaborate review of four top male enhancement pills in the market. Our modus operandi was

  • Ingredients–To check each ingredient for efficacious. To select the pills which contain the most potent ingredients to attain the best desired results.
  • Side effects & safety—Studies and clinical trials for ascertaining whether there is any side effects.
  • Performance—Controlled trials were done to measure the performance indexes. The pills with best results were selected
  • Response time—Time taken for effecting improvement in sexual performance were noted.
  • Guarantee—Offers of guarantee were scrutinized to find the best offers
  • Customers’ feedback—feedbacks from customers were gone through and analyzed. This helps a lot in finding the right pill
  • Customer support—the availability of customer supports extended by the manufacturer were scrutinized.
  • Reasonability of price—Last but not the least is the price aspect which has been considered with due care before finalizing the list of pills
  • Use of statistical methods—Final result has been obtained by synthesizing all the above data using statistical methods like averaging, root mean square method etc.

The male enhancement pills selected through the above mentioned stringent procedure are working with 100% reliability. The customer feedbacks which are being received shows complete satisfaction with the pills. So if you desire to have sexual intercourse with the following achievements then just start using the pills

  • completely natural ingredients and hence safe to use
  • cock hard erection with stronger and bigger penis
  • enhanced blood circulation with more volume of flow to the penis
  • always a confident and happy winner –a night time hero
  • forget impotency
  • ejaculate when you desire
  • longer bed time brings enhanced sexual pleasure
  • increased libido
  • brings happiness and pleasure in life

After reviewing the male enhancement products available in the market in 2019, we have given top marks to the popular pill Max Performer. It is recognized as a powerful male enhancement medicine by all the users as well as the experts in the field of sexology. The drug is manufactured by a famous company which is based in London and named “Silver Blade Nutrition Company”

About The Max Performer Pill

The pill has been formulated by expert medical professionals as well as sex experts. It is the result of strenuous research. Beneficial effects of various herbs were checked through many trials. Determining the right proportion of the powerful sex boosting medicines was also a challenging task. Finally the researchers could come out with the pill having natural male enhancement herbs in best combination. This is their only product. This shows how seriously the company had taken the project to make the best pill of the market. They have put all their efforts to get you the best male enhancement pill.

The pill ingredients are natural herbal components. Some of the ingredients are Cordyceps, Mace root, Weeds of horny goat etc.

All the ingredients have proven beneficial effects on male libido and sex drive. For example let us take the case of Mace root. This is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants, as you know, remove the free radicals from the body. Free radicals are harmful for the body. It causes cell damage and accelerates aging process. Mace root has some other benefits like increasing blood flow, regulating the amount of bad cholesterol, reducing blood sugar, reducing triglycerides etc.

The most vital thing is its ability to increase blood testosterone level. Testosterone is responsible for enhancing stamina and male sexual abilities.

What Are Expected From The Male Enhancement Pill

 Increased power to hold the ejaculation

  • Increased sex drive and stamina
  • Enhances secretion of sex hormones
  • Quick response to sex with rock like erection
  • Improved immunity
  • Increases the level of powerful male hormone named testosterone
  • Rectifies the problem of premature and early ejaculation

The only con which was found during the extensive review of the pill is its delayed response time. But looking at the formidable benefits, the expected time of 8 weeks for getting the fullest results seems to be fair enough. But nevertheless some users may be lucky enough to get earlier results. Since each man is unique, the metabolism rate and other paraphernalia of an individual may determine the mode of working of the pill.


The normal dose of the pill is two per day. The users are advised to follow the instructions provided on the package. The manufacturer has honestly given all information on the package. The manufacturer sincerely hopes that the users of the pill understand everything regarding the pill. Knowing all information about the medicine which you are intending to take gives you confidence. Medicine works best when taken with confidence and belief.

Ingredients And Its Beneficial Effects


This is a strong sex stimulating herbal product. It is extensively used in traditional medicine to increase sex drive and libido. It increases the level of sperm in the semen. It also increases the testosterone level which is considered as the most powerful male sex hormone. 1000 mg of this traditional natural aphrodisiac is provided in the pill which would work towards increasing sex stamina and improving sexual performance.


Due to the presence of the chemical lacarin, horny goat weed stops the production of PDE5. In this way blood circulation in the sensitive zones like erogenous increases by taking this medicine. It enhances level of testosterone. It is a nerve stimulant and helps in quick sexual arousal. You get 1000 mg of this powerful sex boosting ingredient in each pill.


Gingseng is famous in the field of stress relieving. It enhances testosterone level. We know that stress is detrimental to satisfying sex. Stress disconnects the two mating minds and full involvement and sharing become impossible. In this way stress makes the sex act mechanical devoid of pleasure.

1000 mg of the ingredient is provided in the pill.


This element is extracted from the popular spice pepper. This is added to the pill in order to increase the absorption of the ingredients which are provided in the pill. Bioperine also helps in blood circulation and enhances stamina.


It is an extract from mushroom. It facilitates male erection and makes the penis strong and hard rock. It increases availability of oxygen to the cells. It helps in the absorption of the ingredients of the pill. Quantity added to the pill is 1000 mg.


Zinc helps in increasing the sperm count. The more the sperm in the semen the more intense is the ejaculation. It enhances the pleasure of male orgasm. It also repairs and protects the cells.


This is another powerful antioxidant. It cures erectile disorder. By increasing the level of testosterone it enhances sex drive and sexual performances.

Where To Buy Max Performer Male Enhancement Pill

For purchasing max performer you have to browse through the web site of the manufacturer “Silver Blade Nutrition Company”. As of now the medicine is not found in Amazon.

How Much You Have To Pay

One single pack of Max Performer pill costs around $70. The manufacturer allows some discount if you purchase in bulk.

Buy From Official Website
  1. VigRX Plus

Our next choice falls on VigRX Plus male enhancement pill. This brand is in the market for a pretty long time of 17 years. Sustaining the market share for such a long period has its own meaning. The users have liked it over such a long time. It shows its powerful beneficial effects.

In most cases the manufacturer of any product brings in new product to maintain its market base. But in this case the popularity of the medicine has forced the manufacturer to maintain the brand. However they have brought continuous updates in order to further enhance its male enhancement powers.

What Is Vigrx Plus Male Enhancement Pill

It is a top rated male enhancement pill. Its ingredients are natural and collected from all over the world. Many wonderful herbs are there in the treasury of medicinal knowledge of natives and aboriginals. Scientists have picked up the best from their treasury. The list of ingredients:

  • Piper Nigrum L—it is extracted from the popular spice which is called the king of all spices. This ingredient has one alkaloid named piperine. Piperine has lots of pharmacological activities on the human body. The most important is its bioavailability-enhancing ability. It means it increases the absorption of various ingredients and nutrients. It is also a good antioxidant. It helps in reducing cell damages.
  • Ptychopetalum Olaciodes—this ingredient is derived from some flowering plants found in Amazon forests. The native name of the plant is maripuama. It is a medicine which is used in traditional system for enhancing male sexual strength and stamina. It is an antioxidant and has characteristics similar to the human male hormone testosterone. In controlled trial the medicine has been shown to remedy erectile dysfunction. It protects and nourishes neurons.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum—it is a Chinese traditional medicine having strong aphrodisiac influences. It has many other healing powers. But in USA it is mainly popular as aphrodisiac medicine. Phytoestrogens in the herb inhibits activities of enzymes inside our body. In this way it rectifies erectile dysfunctions. The effect is similar to the prescription medicines used for curing the dysfunction.
  • Panax Ginseng—it is extracted from the root of the Asian plant. Traditional use of the medicine is for enhancing male sexual performances. It has many other benefits and is called as the general wellness drug.
  • Aphrodisiac Fructose Serenoae
  • Erythroxylum catuaba
  • Carataegi

What Are Expected Of The Male Enhancement Pill

  • Enlarged penis
  • Rock hard erection
  • Increased holding power, means delayed ejaculation
  • Highly improved sex drive
  • Girls are attracted due to release of sex hormones
  • Intense pleasure during male orgasm


As the male enhancement pill is made of natural traditional ingredients there is no safety hazard and no side effects. The medicine has been passed through stringent clinical tests called triple-blind. Triple blind trial means none of the participants are aware about who has taken the VigRX Plus medicine. Even the doctors and researchers are kept blind. The aim of the clinical test was to determine the following significant parameters

  • Frequency of erection
  • Firmness of erection
  • Frequency of mating with penetration of penis
  • Duration of holding on the erection after penetration
  • Ability in continuing the erection to get multiple orgasms
  • Confidence level in bed and in sexual performances

That was 84 days clinical trial with triple blind methodology. Midterm assessments were carried out on 28th and 56th days.

The index used for the assessment was International Index of Erectile Function or IIEF. IIEF indexing is respected all over the world. In all the midterm assessments, reports of the participants who were on the VigRX Plus pill showed consistent improvement in libido and sexual performance. After the final assessment the participants on VegRX Plus could be easily distinguished looking at their happy faces and elegant composures. The final results showed that more than 90% of all the male participants who were on the medicine were highly satisfied by their improved sexual performances. These were corroborated by their female partners who were looking extraordinarily jubilant. The persons on placebo felt no improvement at all. The improvements were noticed in various faculties such as sexual drive, eagerness to indulge into frequent sexual intercourse, increase in length and girth of the penis, increase in hardness and firmness of the penis, intense orgasm, ability to bring repeated orgasms to the female partner and finally achieving satisfying sexual intercourse making both the partners happy.

How Vegrx Plus Male Enhancement Pill Works

At this stage of the discussion it would nice to give you some glimpses of the scientific explanation of the working of the medicine. We all know that the penis remains flaccid and the erection occurs only when it receives signals from the brain apprehending sexual encounter. During the flaccid state the blood vessels supplying blood to the penis are kept in a state of constriction. The body accomplishes this with the help of the enzyme named Rho kinase. If it is possible to inhibit this enzyme by some external means, then we can get erection by enhancing the blood flow.

The incredible male enhancement pill VegRX Plus does this job. In this way it brings rock hard erection capable of maintaining the erection for longer period of time. The combined effect of the various ingredients blended scientifically with perfect ratios, improves other sex faculties like sex drive, libido, confidence, prolonged sexual intercourse and capacity to control ejaculation at one’s will.


Q1.  What should be the frequency of taking the pill?
Ans. Two pills two times a day after meal

Q2.  What is the response time of the medicine?
Ans. It depends on the metabolism and special features of the user. In most cases the users find noticeable changes in the sexual performances within a month. You would feel the fullest impact between three to six months of using the medicine.

Q3.  What is the ideal duration of taking VegRX Plus?
Ans. Minimum three months is required for full assimilation of the necessary nutrients in the body. For sustained sexual satisfaction it is advisable to continue with the medicine.

Q4.  What are the ingredients?
Ans. All natural aphrodisiacs like piperine, ginseng, maripuama, sagittatum, serenoae, catuaba, carataegi, Ginko Biloba

Q5. What are the side effects?
Ans. None. In case you notice any discomfort please consult your doctor.

Where are you to buy VigRX Plus male enhancement pill

This product is available in most of the online stores such as Amazon. But we suggest buying the medicine directly from the web site of the manufacturer Vigrxplus.com.

Cost of the medicine

Cost of a single box of the medicine is $77 plus shipping cost. Discounts are available for bulk purchases.

Buy From Official Website

 Male Extra is another potent and famous male enhancing pill. The ingredients are all natural and obtained from the traditional medicines. But the scientists who formulated the medicine did not depend merely on the heresy. The medicinal benefits have been confirmed after prolonged studies and clinical trials. Research has been carried out to look for the elements in the ingredients which are responsible for the benefits and their methodology of working. The question may arise in the minds of the readers that when each of the ingredients works fine singularly among the traditional users, where is the need of this blending?

Here lies the contribution of the scientific investigation and various modern testing methodologies. It has been noted that each medicine has effect on particular organ. When blended properly the combined effect becomes more powerful. But deciding the right components and the right proportions are the highly technical jobs of selected few extraordinary medical professionals. As a matter of fact the medicine is a gift from them to the modern men folk. Their aim is to make them successful in their sexual intercourse. Successful sexual intercourse not only makes the males confident but also brings peace, pleasure and harmony to the family. In turn the whole society benefits from the endeavor.

Love and the urge for intimacy between opposite sex is a natural phenomenon. As they get closer they experience some sort of exquisite feeling. This is a new type of sensation which is different and far more exciting. They venture to know the unexplored excitement. The female learns of the climax and about the boundless pleasure of reaching orgasms after orgasms from friends, books and films. The female partner desires to come into intimate relation with high expectations. The male is by nature aggressive and impatient. But he understands his responsibility. During the final act of intercourse the ball is in the court of the male partner. The extreme pleasure, climax, orgasms of the female partner is in the hands of the male. Everything depends on his rock hard penis, delayed ejaculation, physical strength to do sexual intercourse in different postures, prolonged penetration to bring in repeated orgasms and so on. The Male Extra male enhancement pill has been invented to extend support to the male partner. The medicine, when taken in proper dose for extended period of time, will give him confidence and strength to perform his task successfully. He will enjoy the sex with intense orgasm when volume of white semen would force out of the hard rock penis into the hot wet vagina. Both partners would float into a blissful ecstasy.

None should take the sexual intercourse as granted. Unsatisfying sex has great many damaging effects. In male it lowers the confidence level and hurts the ego. In female it develops a sense of insecurity. They start feeling annoyed and irritated. It may even lead to stressed condition and depression. It affects the general ambience of the family.

In order to avoid all these unwelcome situations it is prudent to take Male Extra male enhancement pill.

What you expect from the pill?

  • Larger and stronger erected penis
  • Long lasting sexual intercourse
  • Increased sex drive and libido
  • No fear of failure
  • High confidence in bed
  • Intense orgasm
  • Bright and happy face of the female partner
  • Enhanced loving relationship


The prescribed dose of the pill is 3 pills per day. You get one bottle of Male Extra containing 90 pills. It will last you for 3 months. You will notice positive result after continuing the pill for 3 months. But you will be able to feel the difference within few weeks of taking the pill. The pill remedies erectile dysfunctions even of elderly people. Many people face erectile dysfunction with reduced libido. For such elderly people this pill will do wonders.


All the ingredients of Male Extra male enhancement pill are natural. The pill does not use any synthetic or chemical elements. The individual ingredients singularly work in enhancing male sexual performances. The ingredients are used in traditional medicines for centuries. These are well discussed and you will get many reviews in the internet.

L-Arginine—it is an amino acid and found in foods such as red meat, fish, diary, chicken etc. It has many healing qualities. It increases blood flow to the genitals and help the penis in harder erection. It is used to rectify erectile dysfunctions. 600 mg of the ingredient gives you prolonged rock hard erection.

Pomegranate extract—Pomegranate is a fruit bearing shrub. Various parts of the shrub as well as the fruit extract are extensively used in traditional medicines. The fruit extract is given the status of natural Viagra. It enhances blood flow and removes fatigue. By taking pomegranate extract regularly you can increase sexual performance. Our body produces nitric oxide while reacting with the pomegranate extract. Nitric oxide increases the flow of blood to the genital region. Prolonged use of the extract has marked effect in increasing the size of the penis. It also helps in hard erection. The medicine has 40% pomegranate extract.

Methylsulphonylmethane or MSM—it is a Sulphur-containing chemical which is found in humans, animals and plants. It is included in the pill for overall improvement especially of penis. You will get 100 mg of MSM in each serving.

L Methionine—it is an amino acid and is found in fish, meat and dairy products. It increases your holding power. Delayed ejaculation helps in satisfying your female partner. It works by blocking the producing histamine hormone. Histamine hormone is thought to play prime role in climax and early ejaculation. By inhibiting the production of histamine it helps in achieving delayed sexual intercourse.

Zinc—it is a vital mineral. Zinc is included in many prescription tonics from increasing strength and well being. It enhances the production of testosterone which is the most important male hormone. Zinc also improves the sperm level thereby increasing vitality. In this way it helps in increasing sex drive, libido and stamina. Studies have shown that after a twenty week starvation of zinc the testosterone level decreased by 70%. The condition reverses when zinc intake is increased. Intake of zinc is very important for increasing the level of testosterone. The formula has provided 14 mg of zinc per serving.

Cordyceps—Natural cordyceps are found in high mountains of China. It is a fungus. In traditional medicine this ingredient is used for male sex enhancement. In fact it works in enhancing the flow of blood to the genitals. By flooding the penis with blood it nourishes it with nutrients. The penis size gets enlarged and holding power is increased. Research has confirmed that there are two chemicals, named cordycepic acid and deoxyadenosine in cordycep. These chemicals ignite sexual desire in our brain. Amount of cordyceps available per serving is 25 mg.

Niacin—it is known as vitamin 3. It is prescribed for improving the general well being. It is also used to rectify erectile dysfunctions. By regular intake of vitamin 3 you get powerful erection and delayed ejaculation. Vitamin 3 is also good to recover from tiredness feelings and fatigue. Thus it helps in increasing sexual strength and stamina.

What are the side effects of the pill?

In our detailed review we have not come across a single instant of side effect. We have scrutinized many customer opinions. No side effect has been reported. There is not any warning from FDA. However there may be some exceptional case. In case you notice any difficulty please do not hesitate to see your doctor.

Cost of Male Extra

Package of 90 pills costs $64.95

If you take four such bottles you will have to pay for three only. It comes to $197.95 for four bottles.

If you decide to buy 6 bottles then pay only for four. The cost is $249.90

Pros and Cons of Male Extra


  • There is no need of any prescription. You can freely purchase online
  • Carefully selected natural ingredients give you hard and efficient erection
  • The response time is few days. Within few weeks you will feel the difference
  • By regularly taking the pills for prolonged period you will get a new kind of erection and sexual fulfillment


  • Response time varies from person to person
  • Price seems to be high. But considering the end results it is worth paying some more.

Where should I buy the medicine?

Male Extra is not sold by online stores. You have to buy the medicine directly from the web site of the manufacturer’s web site maleextra.com.


Q1.  What is the ideal dose of Male Extra?
Ans. 3 pills every day after meal

Q2. What is the response time?
Ans. normally you will notice the result within few weeks. It may vary depending upon the users’ metabolism. You should continue with the medicine to get sustained pleasure.

Q3. Should I continue taking the medicine?
Ans. Male Enhancing Pills are for enhancing your sexual performance by increasing blood flow to the penis. As long as you want good sex you should continue with the pill.

Q4. Is it good for senior persons over 60 years?
Ans. The studies have found positive results with elderly persons. But you must consult your physician as aged persons are normally under medication.

Q5. Is there any guarantee clause?
Ans. The Male Extra pill is backed by a “60 day money back guarantee”. It means that in case you are not satisfied with the medicine just return the packing within 60 days after delivery. You will get refund in full.

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 Extenze is a popular choice in the market. It is a very effective male enhancement pill. The users have reported benefits within a short time. Some have noticed positive changes in the sexual performance hours after taking the medicine. Others are benefitted within 3 weeks.

How Extenze works?

In order to understand the working of this wonderful male enhancement pill we have to know about the construction of the penis. Penis is a complex and delicate organ of the body having a construction which is class in itself. It is considered to be the wonder creation of the nature. Did you know that your small little thing has as many as three chambers inside it? Two chambers which are named as corpora cavernosa run along the length of the penis. These chambers have sponge like blood vessels spread inside. In the underside of these two chambers, corpora cavernosa, lies the third chamber called urethra. This unique chamber is designed for carrying urine as well as semen. Two numbers of arteries, numbers of veins as well as nerves are laid all round the urethra.

Other parts of the penis include the shaft, the head and the opening situated at the tip of the penis. The urine and the semen come out of the tip. The head and the tip of the penis are very sensitive. The girls are highly attracted by the head and the tip. They love fondling and sucking the penis at these areas.

In normal times the blood vessels remain in constricted state. But because of friction or due to signal from central nervous system, the vessels surrounding urethra open up allowing gush of blood into the arteries. On entering the chambers the blood gets trapped due to rise in pressure. The result is hard erection of the penis.

The reverse of the above happenings occur only when the penis muscles start contracting. This stops the blood inflow and opens the exit of the blood from the arteries of the penis chambers. The penis becomes flaccid.

The male enhancement pill Extenze works keeping in mind this scientific phenomenon. The active ingredients of the pill are so blended that their combined effect enhances the flow of blood to the chambers of the penis. On the other hand it makes the muscles strong. The pill has positive effects on the brain. It strengthens the messaging system of the central nervous system. It reduces stress and turns the faculty of the brain sex oriented.


Astragalus—it is made from the root of the herb Astragalus. Astragalus is found in China. The medicine is widely used in Chinese system of medicine for treating many ailments. It is used for boosting immunity. It has anti inflammatory as well as anti aging properties.

Calcium—Calcium is a useful mineral for the body. It gives us strong and healthy bones. It also develops muscles and brings general well being.

Catuaba—it is an aphrodisiac medicine prepared from the bark of the Catuaba herb. In traditional medicine it is used for increasing male sexual performance. It has a superior effect in sexual arousal.

Cayenne—it contains peperine which has the property of bioavailability. It helps the absorption of the other ingredients of the pill.

Ginko Biloba—it is extracted from the leaves of the tree. The medicine is used in Chinese medication system for centuries. It is a powerful antioxidant. The antioxidant has the property of reducing the free radicals. Hence it reduces cell damages and is anti aging. It produces nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide has the effect of dilating the blood vessels increasing the flow of blood. It reduces anxiety, improves the functioning of the brain, and relieves stress. The medicine is extensively used for erectile dysfunction.

Ginseng Eleuthero-it is known as the Siberian ginseng. Mainly a stress reliever it is used for enhancing sexual performance of male. It improves the general cognitive functions. Sex is mainly a function of the brain. By enhancing the brain function we get heightened sexual performance.

L-Arginine—this is kind of amino acid which is made in our body. It is used as supplement to treat many ailments. It goes to relax the blood vessels enhancing the flow of blood. In combination with other aphrodisiac ingredients L Argentine rectifies erectile dysfunctions.

Maca Extract-the medicine is extracted from the root of the maca plant. The plant is found in Peru. In traditional belief the medicine cures erectile dysfunction, improve male fertility and increases sex drive. This highly nutritious food contains many minerals and vitamins. It rectifies mood and stimulates sex desires.

Muira Puama—it is extracted from the wood as well as the root of the plant called Muira Puama. It cures all types of male sexual dysfunctions.

Stinging Nettle—the medicine is prepared from the leaves and roots of the plant. The extract is very nutritious. The nutrients have antioxidant property. It has anti aging and anti inflammatory properties.

Sarsaparilla—the root of the plant is used as the medicine.

Saw Palmetto—ripe fruit of the tree is used to make the medicine.

Tribulus Terrestris –it is small plant. Medicine is made from its fruits and roots. It is used in traditional Chinese and Indian system of medicine. It enhances sex drive and increases the level of male hormone testosterone.

Yohimbe—this a native plant of Western and Central Africa. The bark of the plant has one medicinal chemical called Yohimbine. One of its forms, Yohimbine Hydrochloride is used as a prescription drug. However the supplement uses extract from the bark of the plant. The extract is a strong aphrodisiac. It arouses sexuality and improves sexual performance in male. It works by increasing blood flow to the genitals. It is also effective to treat medication related sexual retardation.

Zinc—Zinc is an important mineral for the well being of the body. It raises the immunity. It also helps in the message transferring of the neurons of the brain. It increases the sperm count in the semen.

What are expected of the pill?

  • Enhanced sex drive and libido
  • Rock like erection
  • Increased size of the penis
  • Quick arousal and sexual reciprocity
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Women can enjoy more numbers of orgasms


You need to take a single pill one time a day.

Side effects

There is no reported side effect of the pill. You should consult doctor in the exceptional case of any discomfort.


Q1.  Is Extenze a prescription drug?
Ans. No. It is a natural supplement and need no prescription for buying.

Q2.  What is the response time of Extrenze?
Ans. You will start feeling that some changes are occurring within a week of taking the medicine. But for getting the fullest impact in sexual performance you must continue taking the pill for two months.

Q3. What is the dose?
Ans. A single pill daily. So simple.

Q4. Can quicker improvement possible by increasing the dose?
Ans. It is not recommended. The dose has been decided by experts after prolonged clinical studies. We must follow their instruction.

Q5. Is the effect of the male enhancement pill long lasting?
Ans. The famous male enhancement pill is for enhancing male performance when taken regularly. The effect is likely to vanish as soon as you stop taking it.

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Extenze is useful for sexual disabilities caused by various abuses.

Human system of procreation is one of the few perfect creations of nature. When you look at the nature you find great deal of preparation everywhere targeting procreation. Continuity of the species is of utmost priority. The same is true for the humans. The sex organs of male and female are made strong enough for successful mating. It is our style of living which gradually brings in disorders. The more civilized we become the more aloof we are from the nature. We move away from biological clock confusing our metabolism. We shy away from physical labor. We invite stress by competing for economic prosperity. We get addicted to various abuses like smoking, alcohol and strong medications including drugs. These abuses have direct bearing on the sexual function. We may not be able to come out of all the above nuances. But we may try to get rid of the three abuses. The sexual disability arising out of these abuses can successfully be treated with the male enhancing pills.


There are lots of stories depicting how men lost their erection and sex drive due to smoking. But the good thing is that once you quit smoking, your sexuality is recovered gradually. But quitting smoking is not easy. This is an all together different story. You will need determination and will power. You may have to take the help of experts and even some medication for quitting smoking. The main damage which the smoking causes is constriction of blood vessel. Erection is effected by flush of blood flow. Constricted blood vessel cannot fulfill the requirement.

At such time popular male enhancement pill Extenze does the wonder. It increases blood flow to the penis making strong erection. By taking regular dose of Extenze such sufferers can enjoy normal sex lives.


Controlled consumption of alcohol does not make much damage. But when the consumption level reaches unrestricted level it seriously affects sexuality. Excessive drinking lowers the male hormone testosterone. Many other sexual abilities get impaired. This syndrome is known as Brewers’ Droop.

The remedy, no doubt, lies in stopping the consumption of alcohol. The next step is to take the pill Extenze regularly for getting back the sex drive. Extenze increases the level of testosterone.


Youths today take lots of medications. Some drugs which are taken to treat psychological conditions such as depression, bipolar disease, hypertension and heart ailments have detrimental effects on sexual functions. Many such medications may cause less sex drive and impotence.

But it is never advisable to do away with such life saving drugs. However you may consult your doctor about your issues connecting to sexual performance. They are the right persons to give you best guidance.

In such cases male enhancement pills like extenze can play a good supporting role. Such supplements increase your libido and sexual performance, while not interfering with the working of your prescription drugs. Still to be on the safe side you must consult your doctor and inform him about the supplement which you are intending to take for enhancing sexual efficiency. He will check whether any of the ingredients in the supplement would interfere with your medication.

All the ingredients of Extrenze have been taken from the treasury of human traditional medicines spread all over the world. The people of China, India, European countries and many African countries are in the habit of using these natural aphrodisiacs for centuries. Hence such natural ingredients are completely safe. These medicines have profound influence in rectifying many sex related disorders like impotency, erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, infirm penis causing difficulty in penetration etc.

So we can safely conclude that Extenze can be used to get back sex drive for those persons who have lost it due to the above three kinds of abuses. For centuries people have benefitted from these natural herbal medicines. Now science has brought improvements in their efficacies by blending various aphrodisiacs in correct scientific proportions. Extensive research has taken place in order to help the persons with various sexual disabilities. Now it is your turn to grab the opportunity of enjoying the lives to its full using regular dose of male enhancement pills. After all sexual enjoyment comes at the top among all other enjoyments available on the earth.

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