10 Best Meal Replacement Shakes For Weight Loss


There is little doubt that normal eating has a feel good effect. In addition to the satisfying feeling when you chew and enjoy the tastes of the food, regular eating habit can give you all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It gets you a sense of fulfillment accompanied by a belch.

But at times you need the support of prepared food replacing your meal. Such meal replacement packaged foods are prepared carefully providing all your required nutrients, vitamins, fats and calories. In the past meal replacement foods were meant for elderly persons or for patients with reduced metabolism. Because the doctors found that such persons were unable to extract and assimilate required nutrients from regular foods.

With the changing requirements of the people, meal replacement shakes and bars are made accessible to one and all. The reasons for taking meal replacement foods for apparently healthy and younger people are:

  • Lack of time for availing regular healthy foods
  • Undertaking weight reduction regime
  • Seeking weight gain
  • Body building which demands five to six times food intake of highly nutritious foods.
  • When you feel it difficult to adhere to your plan of eating as you are on run.
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Points To Be Considered While Choosing The Right Meal Replacement Shakes And Bars

For the readers who are continuing to read this article, we may presume that they are seriously thinking of buying meal replacement shakes or bars. Now the next pertinent question is how to choose the right meal replacement shakes or bars. Our meal provides us with energy for doing work and minerals and vitamins for fighting diseases. They are also essential for all of our metabolic activities. While making a replacement strategy we have to carefully think of our entire required calorie intake. You have to decide regarding the quantum of minerals, vitamins and fats intake. All these will depend on your preset goals. It is advisable to consult expert dietician and physician before finalizing the meal replacement shakes.


  • the meal replacement must be adequately nutritious
  • the meal replacement must be able to fill your empty stomach
  • the meal replacement must be in tune with your weight loss or weight gain plan
  • the meal replacement must be adequately healthy full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients

In the past meal replacement shakes used to be the choice only for heavy weight lifters, body builders and athletes. They needed extra energy and nutrients for their purposes. The available choices had been limited. It was easy and straight to buy. But now the flood gate has been opened for the general stream. Whoever wants to have some nutritional drink can have it. In order to exploit the demand the market has been flooded with hundreds of meal replacement shakes.

But beware. Not all the food supplements are up to the mark. Some even may be worse than those junk foods. Never be moved simply be the advertisement hypes. You will find the packaging with full colorful displays of so many health benefits of the drink. Don’t go simply by those overhyped marketing ads.

The wise thing to do is to look for the list of ingredients. Find out the level of nutrients. Make detailed comparisons among the available products. A general guideline can be:

  • Calories should between 200 to 400 depending upon your exact need for each serving
  • Fat content should be below 5 gm for each serving
  • Fiber content may vary within 3 gm to 5 gm for each serving
  • Protein content should be between 10 gm to 15 gm for each serving
  • Adequate vitamins and minerals accounting to 1/3 of daily standard intake for each serving

The above guide lines are general and ranges may seem to be quite wide. You have to decide your exact requirements of calories and other nutrients based upon your discussion with your dietician or fitness expert.

What essentially is meal replacement shakes?

Meal replacement shakes are specially prepared food which can be safely used in place of meals. Your body gets a calibrated amount of calories and nutrients which is just impossible in regular meals. It is true that taking meals together has a lot of happiness factors. But in these days of mad race, most people hardly get time for the same. In fact eating together has become a luxury. Secondly the modern youth has other predicaments like obesity, muscle building craze, fitness and beautiful look. These meal replacement shakes have come as solutions to all these people. The meal replacement shakes are available in the market in the form of drink packed in bottles as well as in cans. The powdered form of the replacement food is also available which can be taken after mixing with water or milk. People use it both for weight loss as well as for gaining weight. You have to choose the right replacement food so that the calorie intake can be reduced or increased as the case may be.

Persons under weight loss regime are benefitted by replacing their two main meals by meal replacement shakes. The shake provides them with all the required nutrition while the calorie intake is shelved. The replacement shakes contain adequate fibers and proteins. You do not feel hungry for a long time. It also regulates and maintains the level of sugar in the body. By skipping snacks in between you will be able to lose weight quickly. Studies have also confirmed its usefulness in shedding extra weights. Replacing two main meals by meal replacement shakes for three months by a group of people had contributed to a weight reduction of six pounds.

In the same way these famous meal replacement shakes can be used for weight gain. In that case you add replacement shakes into the regular diet which you are taking. The extra nutrients and calories will work towards increasing your weight.

The meal replacement shakes are the most viable alternative for the junk foods which we eat as snacks. By availing the shakes available in the market which are prepared scientifically incorporating right amount of calories and healthy nutrients, we can safely and easily do away with faulty foods. This is convenient option for those who are always on the go. The meal replacement shakes have low level of calories but are rich in fibers and nutrients. In this way it becomes quicker, easy and ideal nourishment for you. The protein and fiber content in the shakes give you fullness of stomach. They take longer time to digest. Protein decreases the ghrelin level of the body. Ghrelin is a type of hormone which stimulates your feeling of hunger. Fiber’s slow movement through your digestive tract suppresses your hunger. Your weight is reduced due to less intake of food and thereby calories.

Meal Replacement Shake Vs Protein Shake

Confusion arises in the minds of people regarding the beneficial effects of meal replacement shakes and protein shakes. Many may even consider these two having identical effects. But these two are absolutely different and are made to meet different purposes.

Protein shakes are prepared to provide protein to the users. This drink is to be taken along with your normal diet. This is not a replacement to your meals. The protein shakes do not contain carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. It will not meet your calorie requirements. It will not provide you with other nutrients which are essential for your immunity and strength. It is to be taken by those who needs protein supplements due to some medical condition when the doctor prescribes. So we can conclude that protein shakes are not meal replacement shakes.

On the contrary meal replacement shakes are prepared keeping in view your complete requirements of calories and nutrients. The protein shake may give you 100 to 200 calories per serving while meal replacement shake will give you 200 to 400 calories per serving. The protein shake has high level of protein to the extent of 25 mg per serving. The meal replacement shake has a range of 10 to 40 gm of protein in each serving.

Protein shakes kelps you in building muscles. But meal replacement shakes have fibers and other nutrients for overall wellness of the body.

Merits And Demerits Of Meal Replacement Shakes


  • Meal replacement shakes are the most viable alternative for the junk foods. You no longer need to jump upon all those fried foods having all those poisonous elements such as trans fats and saturated fats etc. On the other hand you get perfectly balanced food contributing to your health and wellness. It is a quicker and easier option.
  • Many times we skip meals. This may be due to hurry or for avoiding fast foods. But skipping meal and letting the stomach empty is not a good thing. It may cause numbers of maladies. The common thing is acidity. Prolonged acidity may even give rise to ulcers. Fasting reduces level sugar and you will feel tired and weak. Lack of nutrients may make you prone to diseases due to loss of immunity. Meal replacement shakes come as a right solution for such persons.
  • It is true that you get enjoyment while eating regular foods. But there are two issues with regular meals. First is the preparation hassles. You have to decide the food items which are to be cooked, buy the items from market and then take all the pains of cooking. Second is the calorie content. By using meal replacement shakes you are free from the above two issues. Just by taking the replacement shake you get the right amount of calories and other necessary nutrients.
  • The people who are always on the run and do not find suitable time for peaceful eating have found their grand solution in the meal replacement shakes. Such people either miss meals or grab whatever they find in front of them. With meal replacement shakes, they get prepared food with required calories and other health boosting nutrients. It is readily available and easy to prepare.
  • Sometimes in regular meals we do not get all the nutrition. It is not always possible to count the calories and nutrients while preparing or ordering for the regular kind of meals. There are all possibilities that we may lack important things. But for the meal replacement shakes all such aspects have been taken care of while making the shake. You have no worries. Without having to crack your head you get all the nutrient varieties thus getting you a perfectly balanced meal.
  • Meal replacement shakes are ideal for weight loss plans. Here you know exactly how much calories are going in. You have a perfect control. You can just predict so many pounds will be shredded within three weeks.


  • The meal replacement shakes available in the market are not customer centric. It means that if you have any issue like high blood pressure where your intake of sodium salts need to be reduced, you have to be careful. Persons having some distinctive medical issues are advised to consult doctor before starting meal replacement shakes.
  • You have to exercise control for avoiding regular meals. The force of habit may tempt you to take meals even after taking meal replacement shakes. In that case you may not get the benefit of weight loss. Secondly you may lose track over the conventional foods. You may just forget the process of making healthy foods from traditional items. The traditional foods do have wide ranges of nutritional values which you will continue to miss.
  • Meal replacement shakes must not be permanent substitution of regular meals. The eating has a enjoyment and relishing part which has important functions in releasing various hormones in the brain. It brings a mental wellness and relieves stress. Taking meal replacement shakes for a long time may deprive you from these essential pleasures of lives.
  • The meal replenishment shakes are quite expensive.

The conclusion is that the meal replacement shakes are very good for some specific people during some specific needs. But it is not required to make it a permanent habit. To have the pleasure of eating together and also to make it less expensive we should get back to our conventional regular meals.

Selection The Right Meal Replacement Shake


This is the most difficult part of the game, selecting the right meal replacement shake from the hundreds of brands on display in the stores. Not all are equal. Some may even harm you. The most important thing is the balance. Our body needs carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals. But when we consume carbohydrates in excess, it gets converted into sugar and then into fats. Such unutilized fats get stored in the body increasing the weight. The body needs healthy fats but not trans fats and saturated fats. Sugar is not good for the body. The conclusion is that the meal replacement shake should have low carbohydrate content but rich content of proteins. The ration can be 2:1.

Range Of Calorie Intake Per Serving 200 To 400

Calorie intake is important especially from the point of view of reducing weight. We need calories as fuel for working. But when we fail to burn all the calories which have been ingested, the remaining calories store up as fat in the body. This increases weight. Suitable range of calorie provided per serving of the meal replacement shake is 200 to 400. You are to select as per your exact needs.

Adequate Varieties Of Phytochemicals, Minerals, Vitamins And Other Nutrients

Remember you are to depend on the meal replacement shake for all of your metabolic functions. It must be able to provide you with energy to work and immunity to fight diseases. Wide variety of vitamins and other nutrients along with phytochemicals must be included in your meal replacement shake. These vital things cannot be produced by the body. Supply has to come from outside.

Fibers 3 Gm For Each Serving

Fibers have many advantages. This is particularly good for your digestive tract. It makes a smooth clearance of wastes and helps in decreasing bloating. It provides you with energy but no calories. Fibers reduce your cravings for food.

Essential Fatty-acids

Essential fatty acids are those which our body cannot produce. We must have it from outside. Essential fatty acids have many beneficial effects. Their antioxidant properties have made them points of discussion among the expert dieticians. These essential fatty acids are good for your heart and are able to lower the level of cholesterol in your blood stream.

Minimum Sugar 10 Mg Or Less Per Serving

Sugar is added only for taste. It directly gets deposited in your fat reserve. Check that the content of sugar in your meal replacement shake is less than 10 mg per serving.

No Concentrated Sugar And Trans Fats

Sugar and trans fats are bad for the health. You must see that your meal replacement shake does not have sources of sugar and trans fats. Corn syrup is one such tasty addition which you must avoid. Corn syrup is a source of concentrated sugar. In many products you will find hydrogenated oil. Such oils contain trans fats. These ingredients will sure to jeopardize your weight loss plan.


  1. AMPLE

Our first choice of favorite meal replacement shake is Ample. The aspect which impressed us the most is the fact that all the proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients are taken from whole food. The company manufacturing the product is the brain child of Mr. Connor Young. The company was started in the year 2015. The story of its initiation is quite interesting. Mr. Connor was an owner of a gym. He noticed that most of the packaged foods for meal replacement used to cause distressed digestion draining away all the energy from the gym enthusiasts. He took it upon himself to design a meal replacement shake which will not interfere with the digestion. The drink is innovatively made mixing essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Probiotics are added to accelerate digestive activities.

ample shake


Proteins: Proteins are essential for muscle building. Various amino acids in the protein help in metabolic activities. Proteins in Ample meal replacement shake are made available through pea protein, whey protein in which whey is obtained from grass fed cows and collagen protein. For the benefit of the readers let me make further clarifications regarding the various proteins. Whey, as all of you know, is the watery remains after curd is formed. It is considered as the topmost protein source containing 75% protein. It contains all the nine amino acids. Grass-fed whey is made from the milk of the cows that are fed by natural organic grass only. The milk of grass-fed cows is far more nutritious than normal milk. Collagen again is an important type of protein which builds the connective tissues of the body. The production of collagen is decreased with our age. Even at the young age of 25 it gets reduced by one percent. These are the reasons why these two important forms of proteins are added to Ample meal replacement shake.

Fats: The body requires fats for energy. Fats are needed for body’s absorption of many fat soluble vitamins and minerals. In Ample you get fats from coconut oil, sunflower oil rich in oleic, macadamia oil.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are must for our metabolic activities and calories. Sources of carbohydrates in Ample meal replacement shake are powdered sweet potato, powdered whole-grain oat, organic psyllium, tapioca dextrin, acacia fiber, chicory root.

Probiotics: Probiotics are healthy bacteria who aid in good digestion.

Fruit and vegetables: wheat grass, powdered green banana, barley grass, chlorella. Only organic products are selected.

Micronutrients: Cholecalciferol as vitamin D, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, potassium carbonate

Flavor:  Natural flavor, extract from monk fruit and stevia, sea salt, cinnamon, powdered lemon juice and dried honey.

Concise Nutritional Information

In the market you get two varieties of Ample, 400 calories and 600 calories. Our choice is 600 calories bottle with the following nutritional information:

Proteins : 36 gm
Carbohydrates : 35 gm containing 14 gm in fiber and 6 gm in sugar
Fats : 35 gm containing 15 gm in saturated fats
Cholesterol : 15% of recommended dose per day
Potassium : 10% of your need
Iron: 8% of your need
It also contains 25% of your needs of vitamin D, calcium and magnesium

Pros and Cons of Ample meal replacement shake:


  • Made from whole food and there is nothing like artificial ingredient
  • Perfect balancing of important elements such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals
  • Adequate provision of probiotics for improved digestive performance
  • Provision of right calories for energy
  • Superb taste, the fat content helps to make into a creamy and delicious shake


  • Price is on the higher side
  • It is not clear whether the shake has omega 3 fatty acid
  • Vitamin content is on the lower side

Take Away:

In the conclusion it can be said that Ample is a good meal replacement shake for persons who are ready to skip two meals. They should preferably have their third meal full of fruits and vegetables. But if you are bent upon vitamins and minerals, Ample is not your choice.

The balanced approach of the Ample maker gives you a fully nutritious drink. With correct amount of calorie intake along with macronutrients you can lose weight within a few weeks. The vast pool of probiotics will boost up your digestive system.

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  1. Idealshake

IdealShake is a flagship product of the company named IDEALSHAPE. The company is based in Utah. Their other products include collagen, vitamin and minerals supplements as well as fat burners.

The IdealShake has been designed in such a way as to provide vitamins, minerals, probiotics and many other goodies.



Protein : 11 gm

Carbohydrates:10 gm including fiber 5 gm, sugar 1 gm

Saturated fat : 2.5 gm

Calories : 100 calories

Cholesterol :  8% of daily intake

Sodium : 9% of daily intake

There is a long list of 19 vitamins and minerals. The doses of these have been so fixed as to supply you with 80% of your daily intake. The list includes all the vitamin B complex, vitamin A, C, D, E.

As for the minerals, you get zinc 30% of daily intake, magnesium 45% of daily intake and iron 50% of daily intake.

In the ingredients you get whey, vitamins, isomalto-oligosaccharide sucralose and digestive enzymes like papain, bromelain, lactase, potato extract.

Pros and Cons of  Idealshake


  • In one hand it is absolutely a low calorie shake and on the other hand it has highly nutritious values. You get almost every essential vitamin to the extent of 75% of your daily intake.
  • It has important minerals which are good for your growth and general well being. For example take the case of zinc. Along with other beneficial effects on health it also increases the level of testosterone, the strong male hormone. Vitamin D is good for calcium absorption and bone growth. Other micronutrients are manganese, vitamin K, copper, selenium. Chromium, potassium and cholin.
  • Presence of probiotics and digestive enzymes aids digestion. Good digestion is essential for complete absorption of nutrients.
  • The shake contains one hunger blocker named Slendesta. Slendesta is prepared from an enzyme which is found mostly in potato. It gives you a satisfying fullness feeling blocking the hunger. In this way it helps in weight loss plans.


  • This one is a low calorie shake. Those who want more calories may have to increase the dose. Else they may think of adding more fats and carbohydrates in their third meal. Only 2.5 gm fat is provided whereas the daily intake should be 45 gm to 80 gm
  • The presence of sucralose which is one sweetener is a bit questionable. Milk and soy also could be avoided.


IdealShake comes out to be a good option for the persons targeting quick weight loss. It is a low calorie (only 100 calorie per serving) but highly nutritious meal replacement shakes. You get almost all the essential vitamins and minerals. In addition, the hunger blocker Slendesta relieves you of cravings for food. The digestive enzymes and probiotics in the shake improve digestion.  A good digestion improves absorption power.

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This one is quite an interesting meal replacement shake in the market. The shake is supplied by GNC. GNC is a multinational chain of stores spread over fifty different countries. In USA they have thousands of stores at different locations. They have many other supplements like whey protein, creatine and BCAA.

Among all the shake providers GNC is exceedingly confident about their weight loss capacity. They have also a back up of randomized clinical study among groups of people to confirm their claim.


Lean shake one serving consists of two scoops of the shake.

  • Calories per serving 180
  • Protein 9 gm
  • Carbohydrates 32 gm which includes fiber 3 gm, sugar 4 gm
  • Fats 2 gm
  • Micronutrients 30 % of daily intake recommended. The micronutrients includes vitamins A,C,E, minerals chromium, selenium, copper, zinc and magnesium


Maltodextrin is the source of the carbohydrates. Other ingredients are gums of three different types, corn starch, corn syrup in solid, soy for smooth mixing, sucralose and acesulfame.

Pros and cons of Lean Shake


  • The shake is suitable for athletes as it contains good amount of nutrients. You get 30 % of daily recommended intake of all essential nutrients.
  • Low level of sodium which is meager 5 % and Cholesterol which is 2 % is pretty good for weight loss plans.
  • Sugar content is quite on the lower side only 4 gm for each serving


  • The shake has missed vital vitamins like Vitamin D, K, manganese and potassium
  • Protein is on the lower side only 9 gm. Protein being an important food for weight loss and strength, the content should have been increased.
  • Carbohydrates, fats and fibers are all on lower side.
  • Many may not like the presence of soy, corn, milk and artificial things.

PRICE:  Price is cheaper, $35 for 16 serving package.


Lean shake is 180 calories shake with lots of nutrients. Proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and fats are low. It is good for fast weight loss. It is equipped with exercise as well as diet plans.

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  1. 310 SHAKE

The company is based in the famous city of Las Vegas. It has many other products aimed at weight loss plans. They have in their list hunger blockers, fats burner, and health boosters and so on. This shake is also prepared looking at the above said objective. You can take 310 Shake meal replacement shake once or twice a day.

310 shake


  • Calories per serving 90
  • Protein per serving 15 gm
  • Carbohydrates per serving 7 gm includes no sugar and fiber 5 gm
  • Fats  5 gm with nil saturated fat
  • Micronutrients 30% of daily recommended intake, includes vitamins A,B,C,D,E; minerals magnesium, iron, zinc etc.


The ingredients are drawn from natural sources. The meal replacement shake can be considered to be a plant sourced shake. All the proteins are sourced from pea, hemp as well as rice. Others are xanthenes gum, waxy maize, vegetables from organic fields and vast pool of probiotics.

For flavor stevia and salt are added. Absence of sugar, milk, soy, nuts, eggs and gluten is a great relief.

Pros and cons of 310 SHAKE


  • Unusually low calorie shake
  • Low in the content of fats only 1.5 gm per serving
  • Carbohydrates have 70 % fiber. The effective carbohydrate is quite low
  • You get 30% of your nutrition intake per serving
  • Potassium is low 1%
  • There is no artificial ingredients
  • Contains prebiotics as well as probiotics


  • You need to supplement carbohydrates and fats in regular foods
  • Need to add fruits and vegetables in regular meals
  • Some important vitamins like vitamin K, minerals like choline, magnesium and chromium are missing
  • Expensive

PRICE:  $ 70 for 28 serving full packages. Price is on the upper side.


310 SHAKE is a low calorie meal replacement shake with all micronutrients. It is ideal for weight loss. However you shall have to add additional protein, carbohydrates, fats and some essential micronutrients like vitamin K and potassium. Another good thing with this shake is that there is no artificial ingredient in it. Pre as well as pro biotics are added. This is good news as we seldom consume such digestive aids through meals.

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The manufacturer of the shake is “Field Work Nutrition Company”, a Long Beach, California, based co. The target audiences of the shake are Athletes. In fact the founder of the company was previously in the business of gym. Naturally he had a propensity towards athletes and bodybuilders. Artificial ingredients are avoided and some interesting ingredients are added like curcumin etc to benefit the athletes.

primo shake


One serving equals to two scoops.

  • Calories per serving 200
  • Proteins per serving 20 gm
  • Carbohydrates per serving 18 gm which includes fiber 5 gm and sugar 4 gm
  • Fats per serving 5 gm   includes saturated fats 3 gm
  • Micronutrients Iron 150 % of daily intake, calcium and magnesium 50 % of daily recommended intake, vitamin D & E 500 % of daily intake.


  • The proteins are sourced from a mix of whey, grass-fed and non-grass fed.
  • Carbohydrates are from oats, sweet potatoes, buckwheat etc.
  • Blend of fruits, vegetables, berries and greens.
  • Fibers are sourced from flax seeds and corn fiber.
  • Fats are obtained from coconut oil and from CLA powder.
  • Curcumin along with tart cherry are for anti inflammation.

Pros and cons of PRIMO SMOOTHIE MEAL


  • Full of micronutrient supply
  • Addition of curcumin and tart cherry is beneficial for the athletes as these heal inflammation and muscle soreness.
  • Provision of large quantity of vitamin D is appreciated
  • For boosting digestive power probiotics and digestive enzymes have been added
  • Antioxidants are sourced from vegetable and fruits
  • Emphasis on organic vegetables
  • No artificial ingredients
  • High protein content is good for athletes


  • Wide variety of micronutrients are not there
  • Protein content could be more as the shake is targeting athletes
  • Expensive
  • Sodium on the lower side

PRICE: $55 for a package containing 20 servings. Price is on the higher notch.


Primo Smoothie meal shake is for athletes. It may not be considered a true meal replacement drink. It contains far less micronutrients: only 10 when compared to 26 in pro-health meal replacement shakes. Though it is not medically oriented, it is good for hard working guys. You get good nutrients and good digestive aids. It is tasty and devoid of artificial stuffs.

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This one is selected looking at its weight gaining aim. When all other meal replacements discussed above are aiming weight loss, this one is for weight gain. It provides you a calorie of 430 per serving. More emphasis is placed on proteins and carbohydrates, 19 gm of protein for 46 gm carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are good for increasing the body weight. This emphasis on carbohydrates shows the real intent of this meal replacement shake.

Vast pool of nutrients has been added providing 20 % of the recommended daily intake of micronutrients.

This seems to be a very good choice for happy go round guys who do not bother for calories. People who might be seeking gains in weights would also be greatly benefitted.

It is not very expensive.

Tsogo is more a food replacement shake than a meal replacement shake. You can simply forget about your food intake. You get all the proteins, carbohydrates, fats and nutrients to pool on forever. You get 17 gm protein per serving. The shake is devoid of lactose, gluten and soy. Many people dread these elements. The shake is backed by a 180 days guarantee with return of full money.

PRICE:  $ 19.99 PER POUCH HAVING 2000 CALORIES (400 calories 5 servings or 200 calories 10 servings)

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  1. AMPLE K

Ample K is different from Ample. It is keto-friendly meal replacement shake. The shake is prepared from whole food and there is no artificial ingredient in it. You can rest assured that there is no gum, no soy, no artificial flavor and sweetener.

Ample K is fortified with the addition of vitamin D and minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron. Being keto-friendly it has lower level of carbohydrates and high fats.


There are two versions, one 600 calories and the other 400 calories. We have selected 600 calories.

  • Calories 600
  • Proteins 19 gm
  • Carbohydrates 22 gm
  • Fats 50 gm which includes 33 gm of saturated fats
  • Fibers 13 gm
  • Sugar 3 gm
  • Potassium 15 % of daily intake
  • Sodium 24 % Of daily intake
  • Iron 10 % of daily intake
  • Vitamin D 25 % of daily intake
  • Calcium  25 % of daily intake
  • Magnesium 25 % of daily intake


  • Coconut oil
  • Macadamia oil
  • Whey protein
  • Sunflower lecithin
  • Triglycerides
  • Acacia fiber
  • Tapioca dextrin
  • Chicory root
  • Egg white
  • Pea
  • Wheat grass
  • Chlorella
  • Barley grass
  • Dried honey
  • cinnamon
  • Sea salt
  • Monk fruit
  • Lemon juice
  • Stevia
  • Chia seed for omega 3
  • Probiotics

Pros and cons of Ample K


  • Lots of probiotics and they are from different strains. Very good for gut health
  • Keto friendly shake
  • Good quantity of antioxidants
  • Added vitamins and minerals are for strength


  • Amount of omega 3 is not clear.
  • Expensive
  • Less information regarding antioxidants and vitamins


$60 is the price for 600 calories. You get some discount for bulk purchases.


It is a good choice for people following keto weight loss plans. It has good amount of probiotics. It is great for curbing hunger craziness and weight loss.

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This meal replacement shake is an inexpensive one. Persons from both sexes may drink it but the shake is more likened by women. This is due to the presence of some nutrients which are aimed at boosting beauty aspects such as hair and nail health. The nutrients are biotin, collagen and calcium.

The shake is fortified with the addition of probiotics and other digestive enzymes.

Pros and cons of NATURE’S BOUNTY


  • Excellent for women
  • Boosts health of hairs and nails
  • Improves digestive health
  • Inexpensive


  • Men may feel discouraged due to womanliness of the shake
  • Soy content is more. But women may like it as they are advised to take more soy.
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  • Extract of the South American leaf called Yerba Mate. This extract is a traditional food for the people of South America. This is used to suppress hunger and also reduce fatigue. It is a top antioxidant. The extract helps in melting more fats during vigorous exercises.
  • Extract of seed named Gurana. It has high caffeine content. It burns fats by increasing metabolism.
  • Extract of leaf named Damiana. This traditional medicine has a mood elevating effect. Damiana along with the above two extracts, Yerba Mate and Gurana, forms the zetrin formula for the meal replacement shake.
  • Caffeine is added to enhance alertness. It is also good for concentration.
  • Vitamin B3&6 are metabolism boosters. By adding it you become free from chronic tiredness as well as fatigue which are normally felt when on diet.

Pros and Cons of Zotrim plus


  • Helps you to reduce eating
  • Reduces between the meals intakes
  • Increases fat burning during exercise
  • The shake is beneficial for persons who refuse dieting and exercises
  • It makes you alert and active
  • You feel satiated for a long time


  • None found
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The women of today are equally excited to have powerful slim body as compared to men. This meal replacement supplement is designed keeping women in mind. Let us make the year fruitful starting the drink on the women’s day. This pack is one complete food blending three of their superior products. These packs fit into your three phases of workouts namely pre, intra and post. There is no denying that the body of women is different and more complex than their counterpart. The women have one extra system for reproduction. Along with it came so many hormones and extra neurons. It is but natural that their requirements of nutrients would be unique. By taking these shakes they would be able to get maximum benefits from their workouts. You start taking the TRAIL during pre-phase, HUNT during your workout process and ELIMINATE in the post phase of the workout when you gain strength and start recovering from the damages incurred on the cells due to intense training.


  • Creatine monohydrate
  • L-Leucine
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine
  • Protein
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C

Trail is the supplement meant for women and is suitable for pre-workouts. Its 20 nutrients are directed towards development of lean muscles. The antioxidants are there for reducing the harmful free radicals.

Hunt has been designed for intra phases of the workouts. Fully packed with essential amino acids and nutrients this shake gives you high levels of energy during intense workouts.

Eliminate is the meal replacement shake designed for your post workout recovery needs. It accelerates muscle repairs and helps in the fast growth of the muscles.

When you take all these three meal replacement shakes in a coordinated way, you would get the fullest benefits of the workouts.

You also get extraordinary guides along with your packages:

  • Helps in fixing positive targets for workout results
  • You can exercise direct control on your dietary regime
  • Finding the best supplements
  • Workout plans which include travel plans
  • How to maintain and sustain the gains which you have achieved from your workouts

PRICE: $82.95 per package of three of 450 gm each with 60 day guarantee with full refund.

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