5 Best Commercial (Heavy Duty) Can Openers for your Restaurant

Go to a restaurant anywhere in the world and you are bound to find canned stuff in the kitchen. Canned foods have taken up a section in the shelves of our kitchens right from the 18th century as canning is designed to keep food from perishing. Naturally, every restaurant must have a strong and efficient commercial can opener.

Though cans in general can even be opened by pulling the ring tab, when it comes to a restaurant catering to bulk orders where time-saving is crucial, you must adopt devices which serve the purpose quickly and precisely. These devices, commercial can openers, have become a staple in every restaurant around the world regardless of what cuisine or items the restaurant is serving.

In the environment of a restaurant kitchen, every minute, ingredients, order and object counts. To help you pick the best commercial can opener for your restaurant, our review team has narrowed down 5 of the best ones that are guaranteed to quicken up the pace of your kitchen and make the running of your restaurant a more enjoyable affair. Below, we have presented an expert review on these 5 products in the form of a list:

5 Best Commercial Can Openers For Your Restaurant


Edlund 11100 Old Reliable Manual Commercial Can Opener

The Edlund Old Reliable commercial can opener may be called old, but we all are aware of the statement: “old is gold”. It is the best commercial can opener in our list and you will actually find that this products tops the list in many of the the other articles you come across. Indeed, the product is so good that one simply can’t ignore it and it is a heavy duty commercial can opener.

It comes with a strong plated steel base that provides the strongest form of support no matter how rigorously you may tend to handle it during busy hours. Apart from that, the can opener is laced with melonite arbor that reinforces its strength and makes it durable.

Not to mention, the can opener is 11″ tall, making it ideal for commercial usage. No matter how the cans are, they submit themselves to this mighty opener. Of course, the product comes with the provision to be bolted to a table strongly. This commercial can opener has a rich legacy and is your go-to product for cracking open those stubborn cans.

Why should you buy this product?

The Edlund Old Reliable commercial can opener is the perfect and best one for your restaurant. This can be attributed to the following reasons:

  • The product has a strong built that makes it ideal for commercial usage regardless of how busy your kitchen gets.
  • It has a strong steel base which offers the right amount of support by serving as a holding foundation for the entire structure.
  • The melonite arbor on the structure offers its sturdiness and reinforced strength.
  • It is extremely durable and lasts for years together.
  • There are absolutely no metal shavings left from cracking open the cans.
  • It is resistant to rust and corrosion.It can handle cans up to 11″ tall.
  • There is the provision for it to be bolted to a table firmly.
  • It is one of the most widely used and preferred commercial can openers across countless restaurants.

It is easy to see why this is the best commercial can opener for your restaurant. It is flawless in design and operation, and will be your can cracking partner for years to come.

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Edlund 266 Commercial Electric Can Opener

Edlund figures out in our list yet again and it is of no surprise actually. Edlund has carved a niche for itself in the world of can openers and they have consistently delivered the best products for our benefit. This particular can opener is a commercial electric can opener and as you can assume, it uses electricity for its operation.The electrical operation is fast, safe, hassle free and efficient.

It is ideal for any kitchen that deals with up to five or seven cans a minute, and as stated by Edlund, it can stack up to 75 cans on a daily basis. It works on a single speed principle that is equipped to open up cans with fearsome efficiency. Coming to the structure of the device, it is built with stainless steel and features a spring-loaded cutting operation that deals with any can. The incoming cans slide into the opener and are locked in place for stable and fast operation.

The device allows for replacing the knives and it is this very concept that works in collaboration with the gear spring-loaded mechanism to make things work. It can be mounted on a counter top easily and sticks to it firmly. Not to mention, the device is very compact.

Why should you buy this product?

The Edlund 266 commercial electric can opener ties with the Edlund Old Reliable as the best one for your restaurant. These two are basically analogies of each other. The former is a manual one while this is an electrical one. Each mode has their own set of advantages and disadvantages and it is all up to you to decide which suits you the best. The Old Reliable has a greater output for instance while the electrical one minimizes human effort. So that’s how it goes. Anyway, coming to why you should pick this product:

  • The product has a stainless steel housing which gives it a strong built.
  • It is very compact.
  • The operation is fast and safe.
  • The working and operation of the device is equipped to maintain stability even during busy hours.
  • The knives can easily be replaced without any hassle.
  • As it features a single speed, it makes the basic operation of the can opener very simple.
  • It is very durable.
  • It comes from a trusted and reputed company. So it is a very dependable product.

This is undoubtedly the best electrical commercial can opener for your restaurant. It is nothing but a sister of the Edlund Old Reliable and they totally deserve to tie in for the best commercial can openers.

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Nemco GS4500 Commercial Can Opener

Got lots of cans that are going to be a part of the restaurant’s special cuisine and not having enough patience to go through knives? You can drop your worries as Nemco GS4500 Commercial Can Opener Manual Can Opener is here for your rescue! Made with stainless steel, this can opener is a stud that can open cans of any diameter and capacity. Its design gives it enough stability to withstand jerks and quick shifting movements that is experienced in a busy kitchen. The cutter is sharp and glides through the metal real smooth. Cutting so smooth that it will not cut your hands while you get busy working on your special course. More than that, this cutter comes handy when you have space constraints and want a tool that does not affect your movements around the kitchen. As it is pretty evident, this can opener is very versatile in usage and this rounds up as being immensely helpful no matter how much the tension is soaring in the kitchen!

Why should you buy this product?

The Nemco GS4500 commercial can opener is a highly proficient can opener to have for your restaurant. There are so many factors working in its favor which make it a very good choice:

  • The cutter comes in a very sleek and compact design that allows it to get assembled anywhere
  • It does the job perfectly without leaving any residual in the form of chipping
  • The can opener is very smooth under operation
  • It is made with stainless steel and hence, this can opener is strong and resistant to corrosion.
  • The mounting of the can is super easy
  • It can handle cans of any diameter
  • It is compact in design.
  • The cutting operation is extremely smooth and hassle free.
  • Cleaning is not much of an issue
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Crestware CO1 Commercial Can Opener

The Crestware Commercial Can Opener comes with a design that can hold large cans without flinching a bit. This can opener knows what it is doing as its blades glide smoothly through the can without leaving any traces of chips. This can opener finds itself in the heavy duty category as it has all its forces balanced, that means, it will not fall or slip when under tough operation. With the mounting, this is where you can be creative. You can plant this can opener on the edge of your kitchen table or on a wall, it becomes your decision where you want to have it. The only downside we can see is the fact that you will have to put in muscle effort while opening a number of cans. Otherwise, this can opener will be opening a can of tomato sauce or sausages without a smirk!

Why should you buy this product?

This device is a very good product and a worthy contender to fit into your kitchen for the following reasons:

  • It is sturdy and stands against all kind of rough works
  • Have been made of stainless steel, this can opener will never rusting on it
  • The design is accurate and efficient
  • It is designed to handle jerks and rough handling.
  • You can opt to mount it on a surface or can have it for use-and-store kind of purpose
  • This can opener is idle for opening large cans
  • Leaves no chips behind
  • The opener is super easy to clean
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Rosle Stainless Steel Commercial Can Opener

This particular can opener is meant for the experts who have oodles of experience of working in or supervising a restaurant kitchen. It can fit into the pocket of your kitchen apron and in experienced hands, is super quick in cracking open cans with ease. Also, what if  your kitchen is too occupied and there is no space you can mount a can opener at? In this situation, Rosle Stainless Steel Can Opener can be your saviour. It is a manually operated device that can be used whenever it is needed. The only space it occupies it the store it has been stored. The can opener is tough and can withstand enormous amounts of pressure without flinching. The handles are pretty bold and provide superior grip. This opener will be effective in opening cans of all sizes. More than that, the opener has a thumb groove in it which offers more grip. Also, the cutter never touches the contents of the can which makes sure that your food is not subjected to metal parts at all. Also, unlike other conventional can openers, this one clamps the lid from the top and opens the can.

Why should you buy this product?

This can opener is way easier to handle than most of its cousins and can actually rack up opened cans pretty quickly and without worry. Why is it so popular among restaurants? Here’s why:

  • It is transportable and can easily travel in different kitchen departments
  • The handle comes with special thumb grooves that offer superior grips
  • Made of stainless steel and thus, has no chance of rusting
  • It is pretty durable
  • There is no chipping after the can has been opened
  • The stainless steel built makes it easy to be cleaned
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Some tidbits about Commercial Can Openers

Restaurants from all over the world follow a very simple rule: if you are cracking up more than 20 cans per day and a good number of these are taller than 7″, you sure need commercial grade can openers as they take off the worry of dealing with can opening during the rush hours of your restaurant.


Lots of stuff come in cans. From ready to serve foods, processed foods, sauces, sausages to beans… the list is endless. Cans form an important part of ANY restaurant and the process of cracking them open does take up a certain amount of time. Effectively opening them up can save time, effort and makes the overall process of making a meal a much easier process.

Commercial can openers will always be your worthy partner during our tenure in the kitchen of a restaurant. The products mentioned in our reviews are deigned to offer you the best can opening experience and occupies a sweet spot in your kitchen. They deserve much love for the simple yet critical operation they perform. The 5 commercial can openers are the perfect way to show this love to cans, and food in general.


Edlund dominates this list with its two revolutionary commercial can openers. They are simply the top of the food chain (you see what was done there).

The remaining commercial can openers claim their own rights in occupying a spot in the kitchen of your restaurant. Each has a set of features that give them their own unique personality. Include them in your restaurant’s kitchen because they CAN and they will serve as your worthy partner.

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