The 6 Best Commercial Mixers: 2019 Reviews

You hear the word “mixer” and chances are pretty high that your mind is immediately ringing with the traditional sound of a mixer in a busy kitchen making a wholesome and involving dish. Well, commercial mixers are undoubtedly one of the most critical inclusions in any kitchen’s environment and when it comes to your restaurant, words cannot emphasize enough about how important this device is.

Commercial mixers are one of the most versatile devices you can think of. Equipped with a host of interesting features and provisions, they serve as a pivotal addition to any kitchen around the world. Be it those sassy spices, paste, dough, sauce or juice, you mixer is going to take it all. The humble confines of a commercial mixer take on anything. With such integral involvement in the abode of your restaurant’s kitchen, it makes sense to leave no stone unturned in choosing the best commercial mixer. We have chosen the 6 best commercial mixers that are bound to knit a perfect alliance with your kitchen.

6 Best Commercial Mixers For Your Kitchen


Presto PM-10 Commercial Mixer

The Presto PM-10 truly makes you go “Presto!” as you make some of the most delicious dishes. Indeed, this is the best commercial mixer that you can ever find. Coming with a sleek and stylish silver look and the ever dependable stainless steel built, this beast is designed to take on come what may. Oh yes, it is a heavy duty one.

With the 0.5 horsepower motor, this amazing functionality shouldn’t be a surprise to you. “With great power comes great responsibility”, they say. The Presto PM-10 pays homage to this by being powerful and yet ensuring that the product is blended uniformly and has the right amount of aeration  for that extra bit of lightness. In addition, the dough made is always super light and fluffy.

This product even scores high on the technicalities as it boasts of a very effective gear system which gives your mixer the power to cater to multiple varieties of food.

Why should you buy this product?

As mentioned, the Presto PM-10 Commercial Mixer is the best product on this list. It comes with characteristics that just keep it a notch higher than its peers. These include:

  • It is armed with a 10 quart stainless steel bowl.
  • It has a very stylish silver coating.
  • The product is made up of stainless steel.
  • It has gears and shaft that are resistant to wear and tear.
  • There is a lightweight flat beater made up of aluminium and dough hook.
  • The dough made from this mixer is super fluffy and light.
  • It makes sure that the product is evenly blended.
  • It is a very durable product.

The Presto PM-10 is the undisputed choice for a perfect heavy duty commercial mixer. It is so good that we can bet that you would get addicted just to the noise of this amazing product.

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KitchenWare Station M-B7 Commercial Mixer

Looks can be deceiving. Evident from the fact that this humble oven packs a punch with its awesome functionality! Most ovens come with 3 baking trays. This one takes it one notch higher by raking up 4 baking trays. Yes, it is so accommodating. Do whatever you want to in an oven with the superior volume it provides!

Cooking is never going to be tedious again with this commercial convection oven. It is made of stainless steel, making it tough. So yes, it is very easy to clean and maintain this device. Last but not the least, it is a total bang for your buck as it is relatively cheaper than most commercial convection ovens.

Pros and Cons of the KitchenWare Station M-B7 Commercial Mixer:

  • You get a top quality commercial convection oven at a low price.
  • It is equipped with 4 baking trays, thereby giving you a large volume to cook.
  • Made up of stainless steel, making it tough and durable.
  • It is pretty easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is equipped with large control knobs that are very easy to read.
  • The oven has a very appealing interior lighting system.

  • This mixer has a limited capacity when compared to some of its expensive peers.

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OrangeA 370W Commercial Mixer

Armed with an impressive wattage of 370W, this is a pretty powerful commercial mixer and has the chops to be in line with the demands of any kitchen. Also, it is one of the cheaper options available out there. As such, its motor has a relatively low wattage and capacity. It rakes up as a fantastic device that will always deservedly make its place in your kitchen.

The most noteworthy point about this wonderful product is its versatility. It can cater to almost anything, right from cakes, dips, sauces to mashed potatoes. However, you should note that appliances worth double its capacity can be found on the market.

Pros and Cons of the OrangeA 370W Commercial Mixer:

  • It is equipped with a 3 speed dough mixer.
  • The mixer has a capacity of 10 quart bowl.
  • The product is provided with a flat beater, spiral dough hook and wire whip.

  • It has limited wattage values when compared to more powerful models.

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KitchenAid KP26M1XNP Commercial Mixer

This masterpiece by KitchenAid is armed with everything that is needed to be a wholesome product. It has an anodized steel casing that not only makes it tough but also gives it resistance towards corrosion. Plus, this casing gives it a shiny look that is going to turns heads in your kitchen.
This commercial mixer is one powerful dude. With a whopping 620W, it falls in the category of heavy duty mixers. You can bet it is ever ready to take on the day to day load of the kitchen! That’s not all. It comes with 20 mixing speeds. In case you are worried about the stability of the device being affected by the power of the motor and the range of mixing speeds, you will be glad to learn that the mixer comes with an iron plated base to maintain its stability. All in all, this is a really powerful commercial mixer which possesses the knack of working in the busiest kitchens The icing on the cake is that it is easy on the pocket.

Pros and Cons of the KitchenAid KP26M1XNP Commercial Mixer:

  • The mixer has a powerful 620W motor.
  • The gear system is heat treated.
  • The anodized aluminum casing gives it toughness, resistance to corrosion and a gleaming look.
  • It offers immense variety in the range of speeds with up to 20 mixing speeds.

  • With time and usage, the stability of the mixer might turn out to be an issue.

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Maxwolf Commercial Mixer

You want to talk about power? You got it! The Maxwolf Commercial Food Mixer is equipped with a beastly 750 watt motor which is the most powerful in this list. You can never go wrong with this one when it comes to sheer power and the capability to handle the intense activities of any busy restaurant’s kitchen. Sauces, dough, cakes, batter… bring it on! And guess what? It has a 20 bowl capacity.

Now, since it is has such a powerful motor, it is naturally bound to be a pricey product. However, this is not due to the motor alone. It comes with a host of attachments that make it a very fine commercial mixer to rake up fresh and delicious foods. You will love this exceptional commercial mixer.

Pros and Cons of the Maxwolf Commercial Mixer:

  • It is the most powerful commercial mixer in this list with 750W.
  • The mixer has a 20 bowl capacity,
  • It has a set of great attachments which improve its working characteristics.
  • It has a flour capacity of 5 kg.

  • The maintenance of the gear system may be a costly affair.

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Uniworld 10QT Commercial Mixer

Uniworld has always been a premier choice when it comes to home appliances. So naturally, you would expect its commercial mixer to hit the bulls-eyes. Does it? You bet it does!

The Uniworld 10QT commercial mixer comes with great efficiency along with a certain feature that imparts it a dash of uniqueness. The gears of this commercial mixer have been designed with mesh heat treated alloy steel which contributes towards an increased efficiency in handling heavy workloads. Once again, quality equals money. This product naturally inclines towards the higher prices due to its amazing host of features. Although its capacity is tad lower than some of its peers, its remarkable efficiency and powerful output more than makes up for it.

Pros and Cons of the Uniworld 10QT Commercial Mixer:

  • It has a 10 quantity bowl capacity.
  • The mixer has a unique set of mesh heat treated gears that help in increasing its efficiency.
  • It comes with a safety guard.

  • The mixer has less capacity and attachment variations compared to other similarly priced mixers.

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Types of commercial mixers

Commercial mixers come in 3 different forms, each of which offer their own set of features and advantages. These are:

  • Planetary Mixer

Also known as a vertical mixer, the motion of this system mimics the way planets revolve around the sun. It comes with an agitator that triggers an offset shaft during the course of which the mixing bowl does not move. The agitator attachments are interchangeable and they can take on anything in its mixing function. Smaller batches can be mixed by including a smaller mixing bowl. Furthermore, many of these mixers have a Power Takeoff (PTO) hub. This gives you the provision of adding attachments for slicing, cutting, grating etc.

  • Dough Mixer

Dough mixers host a spiral-shaped agitator that remains does not move, and are hence also known as spiral mixers. The owl revolves around the agitator in this case. This feature makes these mixers great for taking on huge quantities of dough in one session. Though these mixers do not offer you as much versatility as the planetary mixer when it comes to attachments, it can mix larger volumes of dough at a time. But unlike the planetary mixer, you do not have to change the agitator or the bowl while taking on smaller batches.

  • Vertical Cutter Mixer

These mixers come with a large mixing bowl along with an agitator on the inside that is backed with a high horsepower motor. This lets you do a wide array of functions. However, it is worth noting that the precision levels of this mixer are not as good when compared to the planetary mixer or the spiral mixer. These type of mixers are mainly applied in situations which demand a quick and bulk output.

How do you choose the right commercial mixer?

A mixer is honestly not such a complicated device. But at the same time, it is a pretty intricate one. So choosing the right commercial mixer involves the consideration of a certain set of points which we have stated below:

  • Intensity of usage

While all commercial mixers are designed to handle the regular working demands of a kitchen, some are equipped to handle more than the others. As such, you can choose a light duty mixer which is convenient for occasional usage or a standard duty mixer which is good enough for a cafeteria or a bakery. But if you are into the rush hours of a restaurant’s kitchen which sees a heavy inflow of orders, you are more suited to take a heavy duty mixer.

  • What will your mixer mix?

It is a well known fact that the material which the mixer handles comes with a wide variety of consistencies. Consequently, different mixers are ideal for an analogous set of consistencies. For instance, a mixer catering to sauces or dips will be different from one meant for dough. You can choose the right mixer for the right application by taking the absorption ratio (lbs. of water divided by lbs. of flour) into consideration.  The lower the absorption rate turns out to be, the more difficult will it be for the dough to mix and so, you should go for a more powerful mixer.

  • Amount of mixing

The amount you mix is one of the main deciding factors in the size and capacity of mixer you. A commercial mixer usually goes through continuous usage and churns out large volumes of output. As such, you should go for the one with the most suitable bowl quantity for your restaurant.


We cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of commercial mixers in a kitchen. These devices have their contribution in almost everything that goes out of your kitchen into the tables of the restaurant. From crucial ingredients to the very base of the dish, you need commercial mixers for it all. The commercial mixers listed in this article are more than qualified to take on the busiest of hours in the best kitchens around the world. Hence, you can bank upon these devices regardless of what your restaurant caters to or how busy it gets. Armed with features and functionalities like no other, you can count on them throughout.


The Presto PM-10 is the top product in our list and rightfully so. With the right set of features, functioning, design aspects and output, this marvelous device deserves its top position both in this list and in your kitchen.

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