The 5 Best Stainless Steel Prep & Work Tables for your Kitchen: 2019

Stainless Steel Prep Tables are one of the primary reasons behind discipline, order and organization in a restaurant’s kitchen. Time is precious, especially in the rush hours of a restaurant and orders, bulk or small, are handles proficiently only when all the accessories required for preparing a meal are located within easy reach. You just can’t expect to waste time fetching that bowl of cheese, will you?!

These tables provide you with the right platform to create dishes and carry out your regular kitchen work no matter how hectic things may get. A stainless steel prep table is resistant from dents and stains, which allows it to be freely used for chopping stuff or even putting bowls of dishes on standby. Yes folks, it is one strong and tough table. Plus, it is super easy to clean them.

Life in a kitchen really gets simpler when you get a stainless steel prep table. There are several options available when it comes to these products but we have selected 5 premium ones which we think would be the best fit for any restaurant. Slide on to the five now-

5 Best Stainless Steel Prep Tables For Your Kitchen


Gridmann NSF Stainless Steel Prep Table

This stainless steel prep table by Gridmann is born for your kitchen as it is deigned to be used for commercial purposes. Gridmann gives you a heavy duty, strong and easily adjustable prep table which not only fits right into your kitchen but also helps in managing your storage space better. There is seriously more than enough space for great storage. Also, the edges of the table are well-rounded which makes it very safe to use.

The Gridmann is armed with well designed set of dimensions which include: 48 inches length, 24 inches wide and 34 inches of height (which includes the backsplash).

This backsplash is a hugely helpful provision as it prevents stuff from spilling out. It is manufactured by supreme quality stainless steel (18-gauge and 430). You can make out that the built of this table is string, heavy and durable. Needless to say, the product is certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Tables often tend to be knocked into during hurry. And if your table is mounted with food or stuff that absolutely shouldn’t be spilled over, it can be a challenge. Hence, the Gridmann comes with an adjustable height provision with galvanized legs that are aptly supported by plastic feet.. This drastically lowers the chances of wobbling even when the floor is slippery or uneven. You can count on this table to be your stable partner (you see what we did there) for a long, long time.

Why should you buy this product?

The Gridmann NSF Stainless Steel Prep Table is our most recommended product on this list. It is our favorite and that can be attributed to the following points:

  • The table gives you more than enough space.
  • The legs of the table are adjustable.
  • The legs are galvanized and are supported by plastic feet.
  • The edges of the table are curved features for added safety
  • It comes with a backsplash, which helps to prevent spillage of food over the table.
  • It is made with the highest quality of stainless steel.
  • The table is extremely durable.
  • It is certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
  • You can easily chop stuff on the surface of the table as the table is resistant to dents.
  • It is very stable.

The Gridmann NSF Stainless Steel Prep Table hosts every feature that makes these category of products perfect. The functionality and well-balanced array of benefits make it the best choice for a stainless steel prep table.

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Trinity Eco Storage NSF Stainless Steel Prep Table

This is a strong and sturdy table that is known for its toughness and stability. It is a heavy duty stainless steel prep table that is designed to be a fantastic for for your kitchen. It comes with adjustable feet levelers that give the table great stability and makes sure that is does not wobble or come crashing down under any circumstance.

The prep table has the following dimension: 48 inches length, 24 inches width and 35 inches height.

It comes in two sizes but naturally, we are reviewing the larger one as it is more suitable for a restaurant’s kitchen. It is certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and like the Fridmann, it also comes with rounded edges to aid safety in usage. Finally, the shelves can be appropriately adjusted to suit your needs and storage.

Pros And Cons of the Trinity Eco Storage Stainless Steel Prep Table:

  • The table comes with adjustable feet levelers that help to level up the table as per your needs.
  • It comes with rounded edges to aid in safety.
  • The adjustable feet lever promotes safety.
  • It is certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

  • It has the tendency to ding easily.

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Seville Classics NSF Commercial Stainless Steel Prep Table

This prep table by Seville Classics has absolutely great load capacity and is multifunctional in nature. It gives you lots of workspace and the chrome coating of the surface of the table makes it a delight to work upon. This coating also ensures long service life.

Its dimensions are: 24 inches length, 49 inches width and 35.5 inches height.

The bottom shelf has the advantage of providing you with extra storage with load capacity as good as its upper counterpart. One of the most noteworthy points about this table is its huge load capacity. Each of the two shelves take up to 500lbs, so the total load capacity of the entire unit (two shelves) is a whopping 1000lbs! This is a lot! Plus, it is also super easy to clean.

Like any other good stainless steel prep table, it has rounded edges for safety. This product has become immensely popular among restaurant owners and kitchen runners over the last few years. The chrome finish is just too good to resist!

Pros and Cons of the Seville Classics Stainless Steel Prep Table:

  • It is made from beautiful looking and strong stainless steel coated with chrome.
  • The prep table has a huge overall load capacity of 1000lbs, with each of the 2 shelves taking up 500lbs.
  • The table is very easy to clean.
  • It has a long service life.

  • When loaded, moving the table and subjecting it to jerks may result in components falling over (especially spoons and knives which cannot be kept in the lower shelf).

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DuraSteel Height Worktable Stainless Steel Prep Table

Quite often, a smaller prep table is more suitable for your needs. In such a case, the one by DuraSteel is ideal for you. This is a commercial grade heavy duty prep table that has garnered lots of fans from all over the world in recent times.

The dimension of the prep table are:  30 inches length, 36 inches width and 35 inches height.

Extra utensils can be incorporated into the bottom shelf. The table takes up a load capacity of 300lbs which is evenly distributed across the feet levelers. One of the most significant features of this prep table is the addition of the caster wheels to the legs. This comes with a locking brake provision in order to keep the unit in place. And yes, it is approved by the NSF and is a safe one provided you use the wheels sensibly. We really like the sturdy build and overall performance of this cute prep table!

Pros and Cons of the DuraSteel Height Workable Stainless Steel Prep Table:

  • It is approved by the NSF.
  • It has 4 Caster wheels
  • It comes with a locking brake system.
  • The prep able takes up 300lbs of weight capacity.
  • The bottom shelf offers the provision for extra storage.

  • It is prone to scratching.
  • Since it has wheels, you should take care to lock the system when it is not needed to be moved..

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SUNCOO Commercial NSF Stainless Steel Prep Table

Backed with some of the most robust and adjustable legs among stainless steel prep tables, SUNCOO Commercial Stainless Steel Prep Table is pone of the best for your kitchen. Made with 18 gauge and 430 stainless steel, this amazing prep table meets style with substance. This makes the overall unit a sturdy and solid product that has a load capacity of 410lbs.

The dimensions of the prep table are: 48 inches length and 24 inches depth (without a backsplash).

As with all prime quality stainless steel prep tables, this product is approve by the NSF. It is very easy to assemble the table. The assembling is quick and easy. Last but not the least, it comes at a relatively low price.

Pros and Cons of the SUNCOO Stainless Steel Prep Table:

  • The table has robust adjustable legs.
  • The built is solid and sturdy.
  • It is excellent for food preparation and showcasing of dishes.
  • It is super easy to assemble the table.
  • It is relatively low in price.
  • It is approved by the NSF.
  • The table has premium quality stainless steel (18 gauge and 430).

  • Going by how strong and sturdy it is, the load capacity is somewhat of a letdown.

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Considerations for buying a Stainless Steel Prep Table for your kitchen

The stainless steel prep tables end up becoming a critical part of your restaurant’s kitchen and there should be absolutely no compromise in getting one for your kitchen. We suggest you to keep the following points in your mind when you are thinking of buying a stainless steel prep table:

Type/Gauges of stainless steel: There are various types of stainless steel which are highlighted here. Among these, tables made up of the 18 gauge stainless steel are recommended to be used for kitchens.

Rounded edge: It is absolutely necessary to have rounded and smooth edges in a table so that safety is ensures even during rush hours.

Provision of a backsplash: If your prep table is going to be placed against a wall, it is a good idea to choose one with a backsplash as it protects the walls against spillage of food material.

Cleaning Stainless Steel

If stainless steel is not maintained properly, even it is not safe from stains and corrosion. As such, it is very important to devote proper maintenance to stainless steel prep tables. The good news is that taking care of these tables is not that difficult if you are cautious enough.

Stainless steel can be cleaned effectively by using materials such as soft cloth and wiping sponges and chemicals that are alkaline and free from chlorides.


It is the aim of any person working in a restaurant’s kitchen to make the job as easy, quick and organized as possible. This wouldn’t have been possible without the stainless steel prep tables. In fact, a kitchen can’t run properly without these tables. These objects go on to be the platform to all the dishes that have graduated from the hallowed halls of your kitchen. It forms a special place in not just the kitchen, but also your heart.


While all the stainless steel prep tables are amazing to their own claim, the Gridmann takes the cake, quite literally. It gives you every features you can ask for in a prep table and its overall performance is just superior to the others. That said, the other entrants have their own perks which make them worthy occupants for your kitchen. Choose wisely and shell out the most amazing dishes with a huge smile!

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